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Drive safe. With peace of mind knowing your asset is protected Loan Protection Insurance (CCI).

Loan Protection Insurance (CCI)

Loan Protection Insurance (CCI)

By taking out a loan agreement, you commit towards making regular and prompt repayments to the financier. In normal conditions this should not be a problem but occasionally, due to reasons beyond your control such as redundancy or sickness, you may find it difficult to meet your obligations. This may result in your vehicle being repossessed which will then tarnish your credit history. Loan protection insurance (CCI) is a cover that is tailored to help you in these circumstances and more.

  • Sickness and accident
  • Life
  • Involuntary unemployment

You need to ask yourself these questions?

  • Do I really want to get an unprotected loan?
  • What would happen in case I am injured?

For a relatively small extra cash outlay on your repayments, you would have the peace of mind that your loan repayments will be paid for you by the insurer up to the level of cover.

Gap cover

For a few dollars extra on your repayments, you can rest easy knowing that you would not owe money on top of your comprehensive insurance payout in case your car gets stolen or written off. Cars are rapidly depreciating assets. By securing finance for the purchase of the asset, you might end up with a shortfall (Gap). This is the difference between the amount owed to the financier and the amount that the comprehensive insurance provider agrees to pay out. This can be a substantial amount that may end up being an out of pocket expense for you. This is where having a Gap cover comes in handy.

  • Provides cover for the duration of the loan term
  • Pays out the shortfall to the financier
  • Extra funds provided to help contribute towards your next vehicle
  • Certain vehicle transfer costs are paid for
  • Leaves your credit rating unharmed

Comprehensive Insurance

Comprehensive Insurance

It is compulsory to have your vehicle that is under finance comprehensively insured. It not only covers your vehicle but also any third party involved in an accident. At Loans on the go, we understand that time is valuable to our clients. We can arrange your comprehensive car insurance with one of Australia’s leading motor insurance groups.

AWN Extended warranty

Buy with confidence

Whether buying vehicle from a dealership or private sale, we have got you covered.

This product is most suitable for people buying used cars. There are always concerns whether the car you are buying is a plum or a lemon. We can address some of those concerns by providing quality extended warranties. Whether purchasing from a dealership or private seller, you can bundle a warranty that will cover the components of the vehicle for up to 60 months. There are different level of car warranty you can chose from. Unlike dealer warranties, you do not have to service your car at a specific location.

A complete component protection plan available to suit most vehicles.